16 April 2009

Shorts: Zoologic

So funny!

I love watching shorts.

15 April 2009

Liquid Diet

My diet will primarily consists of these food items for the next week or so.  Baby food for grown-ups.  (Yes, cerelac included.  I don't know about any of you, but way back in grade school - even high school - we used to snack on it.  Sarrrrap.)  Gang says it's practice for Nards.

Stef, thanks for sending me the recipes for the smoothies.  They look promising!  And the ingredients can easily be substituted.  I'm thinking of using calamansi sorbet for the smoothie that calls for orange sorbet.

Thank you Honey for biking to the grocery store to pick these up.

Now to get started on my week of liquid diet.  And no, it's not because I want to lose weight.

12 April 2009

Easter Sunday

It's rare that we get to watch a pre-nup shoot, so when Andrew invited us to accompany him and Tet for theirs, we happily tagged along.  We met at the UP Bahay ng Alumni.  The sun was high but it was cool and breezy.

We brought Cooper, our small foldable bike, along.  Wise decision.
The sound of the Carillon tinkled out a melody.  It was perfect on such a beautiful day.

Their photographer took photos mainly on the parking lot behind the University Theater, then we moved on to Abelardo Hall.  Nards noticed the nice rays of sunshine filtering through the leaves of an acacia tree in the courtyard of Abelardo, and he asked the photographer to take some prenup photos there.  I went closer and took this snapshot.


We moved on to the hilly area in front of Masscom.  There Nards happily biked circles on the grass.  In the meantime, I perched myself on the mushroom tables under a tree and read a book.

To see more photos, click here.

11 April 2009

Thank Heaven For Little Girls

Or so as the song goes.  I do love little girls.

Nards and I went to UP this afternoon for a picnic with Carrots and Roland and their three daughters: Tia (9), Tara (4) and Tammy (2).  They were the epitome of sugar and spice, all polite and girly, but with steely determination and matching wit.  I just love them to pieces.  They were Tita Aggie this and Tita Aggie that.  They pealed with laughter at the simplest things like birds soaring across the sky, or a kitten stealing it's way across the parking lot or biking on an open grassy space.

Meet Tammy.  She's two, and ask me questions like: Tita Aggie, do you like Twilight?  She's also fearless, because she likes climbing on her big sister's bike.
Tammy is joined by Tara, who is Carrot's carbon copy.   She likes posing for the camera (can you tell?).  She had fun tossing a frisbee with Nards.  She may not have a good backhand like Tia, but she has a promising forehand.

Tammy squealing with delight when her Dad gave her a "backflip."
I'm afraid I wasn't able to take a photo of Tia here.  First of all, she and Nards went near Quezon Hall to improve her biking skills.  And my camera battery died on me.  
I'm so looking forward to our next picnic.  Which is soon, I hope.  But Carrots said, she'll gladly lend us the girls anytime we want.  Wheeeee!!

10 April 2009


Good Friday.  I decided to cook Daddy's recipe of sinigang na kanduli sa miso.  Unfortunately, when I got to the supermarket, I got all the ingredients except for the kanduli.  So I got bangus instead.  It was a simple and easy recipe.  Nards went for seconds and thirds and kept saying it was good.  (But he's my husband, and quite biased.)  I was somewhat satisfied by how it turned out.  Then my sister and I had this conversation:

"How was the sinigang?"  I asked.

"It's good."



"As good as Daddy's?"

"Let's not get ambitious."

09 April 2009

Visita Iglesia 2009

click on photo for larger image

Nards' beautiful montage of the churces we visited for Visita Iglesia.

07 April 2009

Let It Shine

My new dream car is not a McClaren. Or a 911. Or a Diablo. Or an Elise. Or a Veyron. (Although, I wouldn't mind having those. Haha!)

I want a hybrid, specifically, the new Honda Insight Hybrid. Here's it's kick-ass commercial.

05 April 2009

Ang Kaarawan

Every year it comes. And every time it comes, I greet it with the same excitement that I've had since I was four years old. This year, I had a birthday brunch at Seven Corners with the whole family. Nards bought me my gift afterwards at Galleria. We were both tickled pink that I spent a good part of my birthday within and near a mall. Who would've thought?

I'm afraid there were not a lot of photos taken during brunch. We were all busy eating. Hehehe.

Seven Corners. Not a bad selection given the price. J The japanese food was so-so but the steak was delicious. I regret that I wasn't able to taste some of the cheeses they had which they offered with fresh and dried fruits, prosciutto, salami and nuts.

My Mom and sister got a selection of petit fours and pastries from the dessert buffet.

Melon Panacotta. This was the only dessert I ate from the plate of selections because earlier, I feasted on a strawberry and mocha ice cream teppanyaki, with spoonfuls of dark chocolate chips, almond slivers, marshmallow bits and mini m&m's.

Stuffed. Forgive my Sir-Gallahad-He-Man-without-bangs hairdo.  Mental Note: bring a tripod during these ocassions.  Wala sa photo si Nards.

Mum and Dad. Isn't my Dad handsome and my Mum so beautiful? Wala akong pinagmanahan. Ampon ata ako.

Nards' birthday present. He got me a soft leather bag from Steve Madden. Now I can go to our meetings without feeling embarrassed by my messenger bags. Thank you Skooshie!

Beng and Paolo's birthday present. Isn't it cute? It's perfect during shoots! Salamat mga panget! *hugs

Thanks so much to everyone who remembered me on my birthday!


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