29 May 2007

Right Place

Right Place
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It's creepy, because if you turn him into a girl, he's exactly like this person I know....

24 May 2007

Rock Ed Yearbook 2007

Remember highschool, when there was one day that you had to behave in front of the camera for yearbook photos? Rock ed did the same thing, except there was nothing "behaved" about the poses.

Click here for more photos. And here.

Photo credit: Leonardo Coll
Saguijo Bar, Makati

19 May 2007


photo taken from:
(Thanks Jonas!)

18 May 2007

Spiderman 3, A Review

The thing that keeps repeating in my head all through out the movie was that the movie ticket cost Php171.

For a movie that lasted almost 200 minutes, I found the plot pretty much watered down. Sabog. There was no central theme and it seems like every idea that surfaced during production meetings were crammed into this film. There were too many loopholes as well. The characters were not fully developed.

The effects were definitely good, but then it's what can be expected. Especially after the awesome computer magic in Spiderman 2. (I loved Spiderman 2!)

There was a cameo of Miggy Chavez of Chicosci in the film. (You'll know what I mean, when you see it.)

The movie house was noisy at some point. People were getting bored with some scenes. There were a group of guys behind me who kept opening cans of what I thought was coke until I caught the scent of beer.

Again, the thought that kept repeating in my head all through out the movie was that the movie ticket cost Php171.

15 May 2007

Malinis Please

7 volunteers from Rock Ed Philippines decide to rally on their own on the night of the elections. Seven man strong. Post this video on your sites! Join the voice. Rally on the net. Tama nang dayaan.

13 May 2007

Photos from Malinis Please

Click on photo for full album.

photo credit: Leonardo Coll

08 May 2007

Nards at Men's Health All-Terrain Race 2006

Nards took most of the photos. And if you're one minute and fifty seconds into the clip, you'll see him at work (guy in shades in an orange shirt pointing the camera.)

Early Morning

It's funny if you think about it. Today, all of us are early in the office. Leslie was here first at 7:30. (Yep, you read it right, s-e-v-e-n-t-h-i-r-t-y-i-n-t-h-e-m-o-r-n-i-n-g.) I was so shocked I almost dropped my croissant and tall cup of decaf cafe latte with almond syrup (Ahehe. I thought I'd put it in. Starbucks is a luxury that I can live without, but I indulge in on a day like this.) Oh joy!!! She brought loads of Oishi Bread Pan. Yummy. Denis trailed in after a half hour or so. He was surprised for a bit, and went on to complain about a party last night. (Bless his heart. He complains about parties.) Well, at least no one is not that grumpy. Leslie discovered that traffic is uber uber light during the early hours of the morning. And that it's not that hot. Yet.

Okay, nag-away/flirt na naman sila. Over a pack of Bread Pan. And then one of them insulted the other. The other wanted to return the bread pan (but refused to turn it over -- anlabo.) (Pag kayong dalawa nagkatuluyaaannnn...)

Then there was the story of the lost number of a certain Rock Ed vendor. After 54 expletives, 3 oil control films, several rounds of diner dash on my phone, it was finally found.

What a very early morning, indeed.

07 May 2007

Two Hours

That's the amount of sleep I get every night in between trips to the bathroom to pee. It's so hot and humid at night, that I just drink several glasses of water before I dive into bed. Those glasses of water promptly wake me up after two hours. I stumble to the bathroom. Pee. Go to the kitchen. Drink more water. And then two hours later you know what happens. It's a cycle that I'm unable to get out off.

Of course, during the day, I drink more more more water. I go through about three quarters of a gallon during the time I'm sitting in the office. Which means, I zip through the bathroom every 20 mins or so. I don't care. Ang init sa earth!

Have to go. Bathroom break.

04 May 2007

"MALINIS PLEASE" Join Rock Ed's Gathering for Clean Elections



A Rock Ed gathering to demand for honest elections
May 10 2007Amoranto Stadium arts

(dance provided by the audience)

6-9pm - the CLEAN CONCERT
Noel Cabangon, Joey Ayala, CynthiaAlexander, Kamuning Drive, Paolo Santos

930-1am - the HONEST CONCERT

Radioactive Sago Project, Chicosci, Kjwan,Giniling Festival, Paramita,UpdharmaDown, Makatha, Kapatid,Greyhoundz, JuanPabloDream, Peryodiko,Stonefree,and many more.

Watch short films and photo-exhibits from leading film makers and photographers of the country on the video wall.

No tickets will be sold. (Download file here, fill it up, bring a valid ID and present at gate.)

To enter email
Show printed reply plus a valid photo-ID.

Or wear a Rock Ed T-shirt and showvalid ID. (school ID, work ID,driver's license, NGO ID, SK ID, NatlYouth Commission ID)

Come in White.Come in Peace.Malinis please.

Let them hear your voice. That you demand honest elections.


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