30 August 2007


Because I want to motivate myself into going to the meeting this afternoon, Nards and I will go out to buy the following DVDs afterwards. If I can watch this tonight, while I bake double chocolate chip cookies, I don't mind going to the meeting. :)

The Last Unicorn

Flight of Dragons

Ranma 1/2 Complete Series


I want to spend my vacation the way I want to spend it.

I don't want my entire sloth week changed. I don't like attending meetings of projects that I want to put behind me. I don't want to wake up knowing that I have a schedule.

I just want to be a total bum for a couple of more days before my other project starts.

28 August 2007


I went out to do some errands a few weeks ago, and found this out on the hallway. It looked so disconsolate, sitting there outside our neighbor's door. When I returned a couple of hours later, it had moved one door down the hallway. I thought nothing of it.

But, when we went out for dinner that evening, it had moved again, this time, two doors down. That's when I realized it was probably making a run for it! Slowly moving towards the elevators! As we made our way to where we were eating, we were thinking of reasons why it was running away. Probably fell in love with one of its kind who also resides somewhere in our building. Or it heard of others who are living freely in an exclusive community. Or it just got fed up with how its masters were treating him. Poor thing.

We expected it to have made excellent progress while we had our meal, so we were looking forward to know where it was standing when we got back. When the elevator doors opened to our floor, it wasn't there! Maybe, it had already inched its way down one floor. Just for the heck of it, we explored the hallways of the nearby floors. Empty! Haha!! Maybe it was already on EDSA boarding a bus!

Back on our floor, as we passed the row of doors leading to our unit, our neighbor opened his door and we saw it! Just by the door! It had a large heavy basket of clothes on top of it. (Probably put there by the owner to prevent it from running away again.)

The door closed again. And I felt sad for it.

Photo by: Nards

Art & Music Festival and Trade Fair

Click on photo for full album

Last Sunday morning, we decided to go to the last day of the art and music festival in Megamall. We wanted to finish up all the unused films in our manual cameras as well, as to breathe in some needed fresh air after being cooped up in the house the entire Saturday. We had lunch at Tia Maria's, and went to the festival. (Entrance was P100. For a few minutes as we waited for our bill, we had second thoughts about it. Tickets for these kinds of events are usually priced at Php40-60.)

The exhibit was in a large room annexed to the event area, and had excellent pieces. My favorite was this comic strip of two guys, one of which found an old helmet of Darth Vader. The booths were very interesting, but we found the one booth we liked: they sold DVDs of vintage and current anime series. Giddy! We landed a goldmine, so to speak! They had the complete series of Voltes V, Voltron, Mazinger Z, Daimos, Bioman, Ranma1/2, Transformers, Macross, the list goes on and on. After much deliberation, we bought Voltes V, the first season of Ranma 1/2, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, Onimusha 3 Movie, and the complete Samurai 7 series.

By the time we paid for the DVDs, we could hear Noel singing his opening song. We hurried to the stage area and was on time to hear the rest of Ang Himig Natin. He sang a few more songs, and entertained questions from the audience about guitars. He was followed by Buddy, who gave basics on bass guitars, and also answered questions from the audience. After that, there was a few numbers from Bigkas Pilipino. Then the series of ballet dances from students of Halili-Cruz School of Ballet.

We ran into Rain (great photos by the way!) towards the end of the ballet segment, and he said that yesterday, they had body painting and cosplayers. Missed it again! (There has to be one cosplay event I can attend before the year is through. It's frustrating to keep missing it!)

I wanted to attend the calligraphy workshop, but we were told that there were two more events before that, and I didn't want to wait for it anymore. (I was impatient to go home and start on the DVDs we bought!) So we went home instead.

Not a bad way of unwinding for an afternoon. :)

19 August 2007

911 Math Call

My sister sent me this link.


10 August 2007

No Rush, Rock Ed by Gang Badoy

In 1986, we had a revolution in less than five days. Dramatic changes happened, it felt like a miracle but it's looking a lot like a cheap quick fix. Today, with a healthy impatience, Rock Ed will take its time.

Ten years, for now, to change the mindset of the private citizen. Slower but more sure. No rushing this revolution. In thirty six seconds, let me tell you about our next 8 years.

-Gang Badoy, Executive Director

08 August 2007

August 12 on Rock Ed Radio >> Human Security Act Overview: Is it securing humans or is it just an act...

For the first time we will request for ALL Social Studies Teachers to make this required listening for students. So if you know a teacher, tell them about this episode. Please.

Human Security Act overview. Listen to the Supreme Court's Atty. Midas Marquez, the DOJ's Atty. Geronimo Sy, UP Third World Studies Center's Prof. Miriam Coronel, and Free Legal Assistance Group's Atty. Chel Diokno discuss the merits and cons of the Human Security Act.

Totoo bang puwede kang ma-arresto na walang warrant?
Totoo ba na kung suspected ka lang na subersibo eh pwede ka nang madakip?
Bola lang ba yon?

Makinig. Magtanong na kayo ngayon dito sa website habang maaga pa, minsan mahirap basahin ang questions online during the show itself. Mauna na kayo dito pa lang.

Samahan si Gang, Lourd at si Karl Roy magtanong tungkol sa sinasabing batas na ito.

Makinig. Magtanong. Matuto. Makilahok.

Sunday, 8PM

PS: please feel free to cut and paste this onto your online accounts. More people should hear this episode.

photo of plenary hall during the recently concluded "National Consultative Seminar on Extra-Judicial Killings and Enforced Disappearances" organized by the Supreme Court of the Philippines, held at the Manila Hotel July 17-18 of this year. Gang Badoy copyright2007

07 August 2007

Hot Chocolate on a Rainy Night

I got this recipe from Farah during this cooking show where we were guests.

I rummaged through our cupboard and got the tablea, anise seeds and cinnamon barks.

I'd normally use four tableas but we agreed to use two instead.

Measure out two cups of milk.

Put the milk in a heavy saucepan, add the cinnamon barks and anise seeds.

Bring the milk to a boil.

While the milk is boiling (love the smell of cinnamon and anise seeds), melt the tablea with a few drops of water. (Ideally, use a double boiler for melting the tablea. But given the small quantity, I nuked it for less than 30 secs in the microwave.)

Once, the milk is boiling, add the thick syrup-like tablea. Mix well.

Use a strainer and pour it in a prepared mug.


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