28 July 2007

Simple Things To Do To Be Green at Home

What I pledged to do to help reduce carbon emissions at home:
  1. I will turn off the lights when I leave a room, even if only for a few minutes
  2. I will unplug my cell phone charger when not in use
  3. I will use the least amount of energy when drying my dishes
  4. I will use "green" cosmetics and facial products
  5. I will use the "Kill Switch" on the power strip - Strip down. Even turned off, electronics such as TVs and stereos still draw electricity. Over 60% of the energy used by these products is used when they are not in use, so use a power strip to turn off your toys when you're done.
  6. I will fix any leaky faucets in my home
  7. I will use rechargeable batteries in my remote control and other battery operated items
  8. I will use a power strip and unplug electronic devices when not in use
  9. I will walk instead of driving if my destination is less than one mile away
  10. I will buy locally produced products
  11. I will buy less stuff
Let's all do our part. Take the test at ECP. Make a pledge.

26 July 2007

White Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie

I looked at my recipes on OneNote. There's this recipe for white chocolate chip oatmeal cookie that I've been meaning to try, and I thought tonight would be the best time to try it.

Turn on the oven and sift the dry ingredients.

Cream the butter in a large mixing bowl.

Add the sugars. (Considerably reduced)

Use the paddle to mix the wet ingredients until light and fluffy.

Change the attachment from a paddle to the beater. Add the sifted dry ingredients.

Add the rolled oats.

Last, mix in the white chocolate chips.


Put spoonfuls of the dough on a a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

Before they went in the oven.

After they come out of the oven.

Best eaten with a warm cup of freshly pressed coffee.

Must undergo taste test from the cookie trifecter: Beng, Leslie and May.

23 July 2007

Cinemalaya 2007

It's cinemalaya time again.

For screening schedule, click here.

19 July 2007

11 July 2007

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

This morning was one of those where I had time to prepare and eat breakfast as opposed to the harried bowl of fruit loops. I looked in our cupboard and saw the packet of instant pancake mix. (Normally, I would have prepared it from scratch, but I wanted to get rid of that pouch.)

First things first, crack an egg.

Beat until frothy. Per instructions, I added 2 tbsps of oil. I was supposed to add half a cup of water, but substituted it with half a cup of milk. I also added a dash of vanilla.

Mix the entire packet of pancake mix.

To make it more interesting, while it was cooking on one side, I added a handful of semi sweet mini chocolate chips.

More chocolate chips.

Pile it on a plate. Top with a pat of butter. (Ooh! Watch it melt!)

Pour Cinnamon Maple syrup. Just enough to complement the chocolate chips in the pancake.



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