11 August 2006

The Ronnies

It was Rock Ed's Book Drive Launch at Saguijo Bar last tuesday, 8 August 2006. There were four bands: MonsterBot, Chilitees, Outerhope and The Ronnies. I was outside most of the time, manning the Rock Ed table with the other volunteers for most of the night, stepping inside ocassionally to give moral support to Cat and Joey who were hosting. We lost track of time and the bands, until I heard Ene's (did I spell your name right?) voice. I sprinted inside just in time to hear her sing Ugly Girl. (Yey!! Thanks Cindy for accommodating my pangungulit!)

How can I not love The Ronnies? They do terrific covers and they put a little umph in what used to be ordinary songs. I wasn't able to watch them much during the One Rock Ed Nation event at eastwood; but when Team Lestat had its celebration party at Conspiracy, I had a great time listening to them and watching them perform. Everybody did. :)

Photo credit: Leonardo Coll, Carlo Sanchez


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