29 November 2006

Register to Vote

For those of legal age and havent registered in COMELEC, for those who just turned 18, and those who will be 18 on the day of the elections: PLEASE REGISTER!

It is bad enough for people to think that their votes dont count. Imagine if a million people think that, that's a million voices unheard, a million heads uncounted, a million votes that could have made a difference.
As cliche as it sounds, your vote does count. Dont be disenfranchised. Dont just sit and then complain when things go wrong. Register. Vote and vote intelligently.

Basic Regi info can be seen in

27 November 2006

Sick and Tired

I wish I was back in bed, bundled in my comforter with an endless supply of kleenex and water. It's very hard to be sporting a temperature accompanied by coughs and colds in a very cold office. Already my desk looks like it has been attacked a medicine cabinet: a box of kleenex, bottles of pills, a huge bottle of water, a bottle of alcohol and a trash receptacle overflowing with used tissue. I also look like a complete moron with a puffy face, red dripping nose, and dried lips. Everyone else is enjoying the aircon, while I have to wrap myself in a bulky sweater.

I hate being sick. And I'm just so lucky to be very sickly. I'm almost always sick with something. A slight change of temperature triggers my allergies. I inhale the thinnest whisp of cigarette smoke and my chest tightens, my heart races and I'm overcome with coughs. A few drops of rain and I'm in bed with fever and flu. It's ridiculous!! And I envy people who can run around with the elements and come out unscathed. No matter if I eat healthy, pump my body with vitamins and supplements, and exercise regularly.

I'm so pissed off.


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