21 December 2010

Day 7 - My Dream Wedding

This is my dream wedding.  Family and friends.  Good food.  Good music.  Love and laughter.  Cake and coffee.

And getting (diplomatically) kicked out of the venue because we've overstayed; our guests were having too much fun that nobody wanted to leave.  A first, according to our wedding coordinators. :)

20 December 2010

Day 6: A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.

I want this FAT CAT.  I'm going to hug him to pieces.

December 20. So What's New?

Finally.  I have opened my blogger dashboard after a long hiatus.  I am OVERWHELMED by my blogging folder.  So many photos, so many stories and I have failed to upload 90% of its contents.

Nards and I have been so blessed to be busy with work.   I realize I miss the long hours I used to pull in UP (plus the long hours I was buried deep in dusty books in the library).   I am hoping we would have a more relaxed schedule after Christmas, and hopefully I can blog more.  And bake more.  I miss baking.

I hope you all won't mind if I just pick up where I left off on the 30 day challenge.  I still want to finish that!  I'll be posting Day 6 right after this.

Christmas is around the corner and I can't wait! Nards and I will get to spend two straight days with our families, attend mass at our favorite church, catch up with everyone and celebrate this wonderful holy season with people we love.

X'mas Decor [Explore #4 & FP]

Click here for photo source

Incidentally my sister wants Danbo for Christmas.  I wonder how much is shipping from Amazon jp to here....


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