30 September 2007

Comfort Food

The drive was long. It was stormy, I almost couldn't see beyond the two feet in front of the car. It was a wet and miserable day. And chilly. The fog rolled in early, and even though it was only six pm, it felt like it was ten. We escaped the cold sharp wind and took refuge in the cozy dining room of Bag of Beans. After a lot of seesawing on the menu, this is what we ordered.

The apple pie was warm, and topped with heavenly vanilla ice cream, a dollop of whip cream and half a cherry, and then drizzled with caramel syrup.

Hot Chocolate. This one really hit the spot. Rich, creamy, chocolaty and sweetened just enough.

Can't wait to go back there after our Davao trip.
In the meantime, I have to content myself with apple pie from Good Shepherd with frozen vanilla yogurt.

Photos by Nards & Aggie

Better Not Knowing

Ever had those moments when you regret that you know something the minute you know it?

While we're both bent over our respective laptops, Nards and I have Sex in the City running on the DVD player. (White noise) We're on season five, episode 7, entitled The Big Journey. I look up and who do I see? Gordon (aka Roscoe Orman) of Sesame Street! He was a waitier. And I felt so sad!

I don't know how to explain it, but I just felt so sad! I regret looking up at that particular second.

29 September 2007

Quick Weight Loss

This is the quickest and easiest weight loss program ever. In the Wurld.

No diet, no exercise. No pain.

23 September 2007

UP Pep Squad, 2007 Cheerdance Champion

Congratulations! High tosses, quick and efficient execution of tricky pyramids and awesome dance moves!

Part 1

Part 2

21 September 2007

The Vegetarian Ad that Offended American Viewers

For a country with scandalous music videos and trashy television shows, I'm surprised that they found this offensive. Offensive enough to have it pulled off the air.

09 September 2007

Sesame Street Unpaved

One good way of spending a lazy sunday afternoon is watching vintage sesame street. My best friend, Claire, sent me Volume 1 Sesame Street Old School (1969 - 1974), plus a book entitled Sesame Street Unpaved. And lately, my free time has been spent watching educational clips that I grew up with; and reading interesting facts about the show that dominated my life from age 3 til 8. (Voltes V was a distant second to it.)

It's interesting the way I react to it. I'm filled with nostalgia. And giddy! Absolutely giddy! the delight and excitement I felt when I was 3, I felt it when I saw the lady bug's picnic or the alligator king or the king of 8s or the two little girls and the little doll house or.. (I could go on and on here.) But now, it's more like seeing an old old dear friend.

I love Sesame Street.

08 September 2007

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This is one of our favorite quick and easy dinner fixes.

A loaf of bread, some juicy tomatoes and slices of quick melt or mozzarella cheese.

Slice the tomatoes. Slightly thicker than the cheese slices.

Lovely color!

I always put the cheese first (making sure that every space is covered) and then a layer of sliced tomatoes.

Hmmmm. (Mouth already watering.)

Melt some butter. (Kitchen gets filled up with an appetizing aroma.)

Make sure that the skillet is well covered with butter.

Carefully put the sandwich on the skillet. (Sometimes, they just fall apart!)

Make sure that both sides are golden brown in color.

Slice diagonally and serve with a handful of unsalted potato chips.

Raisin Bran

Another sign of age: when I started enjoying having Raisin Bran for breakfast instead of Fruit Loops or Frosted Flakes.

As I sit here, staring at my empty bowl which is sitting beside the ceral box, I am wondering when exactly did I shift from crunch sugary treats to bland food. And the thoughts that are passing through my head are: too much sugar is bad for me; i need more milk for my bones; i should eat more fiber in the morning; and raisins are natural sweeteners.

Did I ever think about these things when I was in my twenties? Never. I just ate and ate and ate without caring what it does to my body.


I'm getting old. (Or I can blame it on Nards who is always making me eat healthy foods. Ahehe.)

Music: Lisa Loeb - Fools Like Me

07 September 2007

13 And Then Some

There was a pile of unopened bags in one corner of the living room. These past few days were all about going to the mall to run errands. (Believe me, the shopping was unavoidable, but I had hives two minutes after I entered the mall. I'm consoled by the fact that I will not set foot in a mall for at least two months.) Anyway, about the pile of bags, those were products of impulse shopping.

There were school supplies and other items from the Japanese Home Center, clothes from sales, light bulbs and screws from the hardware store, bag racks, and then there were the baking ingredients still sitting on the kitchen counter... I found it a drag just going through all it and putting it away. But I saw these two large shopping bags. Full of books!

We bought it from a cafe/bookstore down the street. It tickles me that good books are merely a short walk away from where we live. They're pretty cheap too. Their coffeetable books are priced at 500 each. Hardbounds are 400 and paperbacks are 200 each. You can see how ridiculously easy it was for us to go home with 13 volumes. The most number of books I bought at a given time. I felt so luxurious and giddy. I can't believe I forgot about all of them. (Well, there was the fuckwit lawyer from hell, meetings for the new project, students who infuriated me to death.)

Ah, well.

04 September 2007

Dick and Barry

I met Dick and Barry today in an anime store. (That would be the two gentlemen on the left). They were insane. Totally fanatic about the DVD anime list, insulting (in a friendly way) the store clerks when they didn't carry titles that they deemed sacred, moaning in anguish when the title is out of stock and arguing loudly. Nards and I could barely hear ourselves when we were discussing what titles to buy.

Hilarious, those two. They even got the haircut down pat.

Photo source: IMDB


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