26 April 2007

Tulad Ng Dati, A Review

After missing last year's cinemalaya and hearing great reviews about this film, I was so excited to hear that it was being shown in SM's digital theaters. Nards and I caught the film on its opening day.

I enjoyed watching the film. It was poignant in way because it reminded me of the sad passing of Teddy Diaz and those Storm days. (The whole time I was watching the movie, I was getting flashbacks. I also remembered my collection of The Dawn tapes which I played over and over til they were worn out!) It was funny too! They were all funny! But Francis had me laughing uproariously at his remarks and his hero-wannabe-almost-SWAT-like-on-sedatives antic!

Overall, I liked it. It's The Dawn. And I think they'll always top my list of favorite bands.

The film quality, considering it was digital, was very good. The editing wasn't tight enough though. The movie was a tad bit too long. I was getting impatient at some point because the main plot kept getting sidetracked by some additional plots.

I still like it though. :) Wonder if it's coming out on DVD....

To view trailer, click here.

22 April 2007

How Was Your Weekend?

A bright summer morning on a Saturday in April would often find people still in bed, catching up on zzz's from a late friday night or on their way to a long weekend out of town. Not in Futkal. Yesterday, Rock Ed joined Coach Peter and other Futkal volunteers to teach football to children in a poor community. Under the heat of the summer sun, Futkal volunteers taught children how to play football, directing warm up exercises, and refereed games. The children were excited. Despite the fact that some of them, didn't have shoes or slippers, they played. Shrieks of laughter, whistles and the slaps of barefeet on the concrete were all that could be heard, punctuated with Coach Romario's (who was not very fluent in Filipino) shouts of "Pwesto!"

Hopefully, more children from these communities will be engaged in football because it only requires a large playing space, two sets of slippers to act as goals, and a ball. It doesn't need a court like basketball. Maybe, these children will be more encouraged to involve themselves in more productive activities with their spare time. Maybe, this will keep them out of trouble.

Kudos to you Peter, and the rest of the Futkal volunteers! We need more people like you.

21 April 2007, Highway Hills
Photo credit: Nards&Aggie

13 April 2007

Lego Addicts

When Beng told us that Lego had an exhibit in Megamall, we packed the camera and left post haste.

Watching the exhibit was punctuated with, "can we buy lego? can we? can we? huh? can we?"

Photo Credit: Nards&Aggie

A Study of Flora & Fauna

Another assignment in photography. These are taken from my Mom's garden.

Taken during Holy Thursday, 2007

12 April 2007

Cat in a Bus

Princess Paws shared this link with me.

I knew cats were always the smarter ones. :)


I wrote an entry about this a few months ago. And followed it up with another.

This is the third.

All I can say is, no self-respecting human being would have the nerve to sell this to a friend knowing that it's worthless. It takes an extraordinary amount of "kakapalan" to pull this off. Congratulations. You obviously are.

10 April 2007


Notwithstanding the screen full of he-men with six pack abs that have taken the actors months to develop, the film 300, so far, is the best film I've watched that has been based from a graphic novel. I feel that "based" is a very loose term here; especially since the producers have been very faithful to the images that Frank Miller drew on his novel. (Click here for photos.) Although there were very very slight additions to the original story, it was tastefully incorporated and simply enhanced the original plot.

Editing was tight and done just the way I like it. There was no wasted time nor wasted image. Everything contributed to the story. (In fact, after watching 300, Nards and I always say after watching badly edited films, why can't they do a 300?) And the computer imaging and the transformations that were done, just take a look at this photo:

I didn't think I'd enjoy it, especially after seeing other graphic novels-turned-into-a-movie that were wretchedly done, but that rapidly changed when I saw the opening scenes.

It's a must watch.

01 April 2007

Weekend Down South

A very colorful and picturesque weekend. :)

(To view full album, click here.)

Rockerpark Photos

Click on the photo to see full album. :)

Photo credit: Leonardo Coll


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