17 May 2008


It's rare that I'm taken by this kind of bag. I'm more of a messenger bag/tote kind of person.

But I like this one.

It looks big enough to carry all my stuff, casual enough that I can bring it to a shoot but classy enough that I can bring it to a business meeting.

12 May 2008


Still sick.

Begged off the workshop today.

That?s income and opportunity that I lost. Because it's a series, and since I had to give up my facilitator slot today, they'll assign it to someone else, who'll have to take over

I hate it when people who are sick are inconsiderate. Even though, they know they can infect me, make me sick and inconvenience me (because I have to stay in bed and not attend to urgent things) they sneeze and cough at my direction.

Sick people shouldn?t attend meetings!!!


11 May 2008

Sniff, Cough, Cough

Been sick all weekend. Sneezing, coughing, sniffling, coughing. Well, mostly coughing.

Because of this, I have missed and will be missing:

  1. Mother's Day lunch with my family (sis cooked her signature tuna casserole);
  2. Videoke party cum birthday party with Team Lestat;
  3. Workshop next week (might call workshop coordinator tonight and beg off);
  4. Biking and frisbee with Nards (and Beng and Loreen);
  5. Taking photos;
  6. Puttering in the kitchen;
  7. Blogging, twittering and stumbling; and
  8. Hearing mass.

I hate getting sick.

P.S. Those cow slippers are on my wish list.

[photo source]

05 May 2008

PB-Nutella-Banana Sandwich

I got this from Tastespotting. (I have yet to forgive my sister for showing me this site.)

Ingredients: Sliced bread, peanut butter, Nutella, bananas and butter (for toasting)

Peel two bananas and slice

Spread Nutella on one slice of bread

Put peanut butter on the other

Arrange banana slices on the bread

Put a bit of butter on a hot skillet and brown both sides of the sandwich.

Slice and serve.

Verdict: yummy. The subtle taste of the banana off set the sweetness of the peanut butter and Nutella. Very heavy too. One sandwich was enough for breakfast.

04 May 2008

Cellulites Unite!

My cellulites have united themselves in a demonstration of their agony.

I biked for a few hours today. (Not consecutively, but a couple of units here and there, sporadically spread out during the day.) And learned how to play frisbee. (Not for a few hours sporadically spread out during the day, but for two hours in the morning. Interspersed with rounds of biking.)
Thus, their united action of making me acutely and severely aware of their agony.

* * * *

I haven't been able to blog nor twitter since I went to the workshop in Southwoods. (Don't ask, why I couldn't get online there. Short story involving cigars and poor interior design.) I'll be posting my drafts and ante date them accordingly.


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