21 April 2008

Monday Habit

Pig is coded on Mondays. However, the crowd is considerably thin (almost non-existent) in malls which is the perfect time for me to be there. (Because at the risk of sounding redundant, I absolutely hate malls.) This is the perfect time to get money exchanged, pay bills, do the weekly groceries, and treat ourselves to (in my humble opinion) the best burger within the area.

I swear the servers at Tokyo Cafe know us as the odd couple who only comes in on Mondays. We habitually look over the menu and peruse all their tempting dishes, but they know we're going to order two Yoshi's burgers; and that Nards gets Tokyo Ice (tall glass of iced coffee) and a little bowl of coffee jelly for dessert, while I only get water. I always promise myself that I will order a Symphony for dessert (tall parfait glass that is layered with two solid scoops of vanilla ice cream--pushed and packed at the bottom third of the glass--, coffee jelly, a few teaspoons of iced espresso, and a generous dollop of whipped cream), but at the end of that sandwich, I'm soooo full, that I always skip on it. Dessert for me would be a handful of grapes or an orange when I get home before 3PM. That's how hefty the meal was for me.

I like our Monday habit.

20 April 2008

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality

When this is violated, the doctor in question should have his license revoked. I just read Gang's blog on a scandal that humiliated a patient of a Cebu government hospital. I googled it and saw several articles on online broadsheets.

Here are the bullet points from what I've read: *warning--graphic content*
  • a gay gentleman solicited sex on New Year's eve. After sex when the gentleman fell asleep, the male prostitute left. And left something else too: a can of body spray shoved up the gay gentleman's rectum.
  • gay gentleman, not knowing what happened to him, was in pain when he woke up, and went to the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) in Cebu on January 2. He got an x-ray and was scheduled for surgery on January 3. Ouch. That means the can has been in there for three days.
  • the "professional" and "highly ethical" surgical team, composed of seven doctors (gasp! that many!) and a handful of nurses (according to the patient, before he fell asleep before surgery, the operating room was as noisy as Carbon market, and he was asking if all these people were necessary) took videos and photos of him with their camera phones while he was in surgery.
  • one of the nurses uploaded her video on youtube in March. Video is no longer available.
  • gay gentleman found out about it a few weeks ago only.
  • he promptly filed suit.
  • guess what the medical professionals got by violating the doctor-patient confidentiality, not to mention humiliating him by taking videos and photos, all the while laughing and cheering during the procedure? reassignment to other departments, varying degrees of suspension, but no dismissal from government service, no license was revoked . A simple slap on the wrist.
Let's see, how would they feel if they were being operated on, the medical staff laughing, jeering and heckling them, while they were in obvious pain and caught in the most humiliating situation on camera which would be uploaded on youtube for everyone online to witness? I don't think they'd be very happy.

Their names were not published to protect their privacy. What about the privacy of the patient?

I know the video is no longer available, but here it is. Again, it's graphic.

15 April 2008


The moody weather that started middle of March has finally caught up with me. Although, I have been getting mild hayfever in the mornings and in the evenings since March, this week has been the worst. I sneeze for a good part of the morning (sometimes until noon), and as a consequence, I just don't have the energy in the afternoon.

In the evenings, I get congested and have a difficult time breathing (more like a heavy rock was placed on my neck and chest), and I get hives (terribly red and itchy) all over. When this happens, I take shower and use this Mint Oatmeal soap from Ilog Maria and it gives me some sort of relief.

So suffice it to say, that it's not been a good week for me. I'm already worried about the exam tomorrow at UP (although I've made up my mind to decline the job because Nards and I really want our photography business to work), and the shoot at Clark on Saturday. Then there's the firefly brigade at dawn on Sunday. The only event where I know I won't be sneezing or scratching is at Sunday Silence.

I hope my allergies tamp down soon. Or else, I won't get anything accomplished.

14 April 2008


In the Supreme Issue of the Philippine Star last Saturday (12 April 2008), Pepe wrote an article about Gang and Rock Ed. (No mention of Gucci Gang whatsoever. Even if Gang is... well part of that phrase.)

I was thrilled to see that they published my photo. That's the one of the kids sprawled on the floor of Quezon Hall, UPD. The second photo (Jett Pangan in front of our "This is a no Politics Zone" tarp) was taken by Nards.

Taken two years ago, this was one of my first attempts at digital photography. Already, I can see a lot of things that are wrong with it.

Still... Wheeee!!!

Thanks Gang and Pepe, for using my photos. :)

13 April 2008


Four letter word, double letter score on X, triple word scored on the whole thing. Plus add the score on the words DO, EX (again double letter score on the X) and AY.

That was the word that won me the round.

Normally, Nards pummels me in Scrabble. But on this particularly slow Saturday night, despite the fact that I was not familiar with a lot of two letter words that uses Q and X and J, with lady luck on my side (I got the Q--yes Quays was mine-- plus the high scoring letters, and landed two of the triple word score), I won.


11 April 2008

Diva Treats

As part of my birthday weekend (haha. weekend.) celebration, my sister and I spent Monday afternoon getting a manicure, pedicure and foot spa at Dashing Diva, Beauty Bar at Trinoma. Except for the foot spa, these are the kinds of thing I would normally indulge in once a year.

Doesn't that look inviting?

Soaking, the first step.

They give you this cute slippers to walk around in while your nails are drying. In my case, to get me from the pedicure station to the manicure station.

The manicure station.

Where you get your nails dried. There's also a shelf for the feet.


Nails still look as if I just got it done after a couple of days.
With my track record, I would've normally chipped it within 48 hours.

10 April 2008

Death by ID

The day did not bode well for me.

12:30AM. Went to bed.

3:00AM. Woke up.

3:03AM. Drank two glasses of water.

3:20AM. Couldn't go back to sleep.

3:22AM. Tossed around a bit, trying to get back to sleep.

3: 40AM. Still tossing.

3:45AM. Got the PSP, and played Backgammon -- this usually puts me to sleep.

4:13AM. Beat the computer TWICE on a fifty point game of Backgammon.

4:15AM. Wired. Opened Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core on the PSP hoping the emo soundtrack will put me to sleep.

5:30AM. Still playing.

5:40AM. Beat a boss and moved forward two stages in the game.

5:43AM. Started to get sleepy.

5:48AM. Saw red streaks of light on the wall. Glanced out the window and actually saw the sun rising.

6:00AM. Saved the game.

6:03AM. Fell asleep.

7:50AM. Phone rang. Dad.

8:01AM. Couldn't get back to sleep. Decided to get up.

8:30AM. Decided to get a head start on my application requirements for UP HRDO.

8:33AM. Surfing the CSC website, the UP website to get their contact numbers.

9:00AM. Dialing CSC trunk line to inquire about getting certification for my professional eligibility.

9:20AM. Still no answer on their trunklines, their hotlines and even the direct lines to their offices.

9:40AM. Still dialing and listening to endless ringing.

9:45AM. Decided to call the NCR office trunkline. Picked up by an automated response. Giving an endless list of locals to call, but not really helping me connect to the person/department that I need. NO OPTION TO CONNECT TO AN OPERATOR. It's pick a number or bust.

9:46AM. Picked the option for civil service exam inquiries.

9:47AM. Got a computerized soliloquy on the long list of requirements when taking the civil service exam.

10:00AM. Back to dialing the CSC trunklines, their hotlines and even the direct lines to their offices, and again listening to endless ringing.

10:25AM. Finally! Contact. (WHAT EFFING TIME DO YOU CIVIL SERVANTS REPORT FOR WORK???) Was told to just go to the main office, fill out a form, pay the fee, and get the certificate. I inquired about photo and other requirements posted on their website. Was told to just show up, fill the form, pay the fee, and will be issued the certification within the day.

10:30AM. Called UP HRDO. Talked to a nice lady who gave me a week to submit all documents.

10:36AM. Checked email, chatted a bit with sister, and checked some sites.

11:30AM. Took a shower and got dressed to grab lunch at Beach House, then off to the CSC.

12:00NN. Lunch at Beach House. Two sticks of barbecue, rice, and roasted eggplant topped with shrimp paste, fresh tomatoes and salted egg.

12:40PM. Burp.

12:45PM. On the way to CSC.

1:15PM. Arrived at CSC.

1:18PM. Filled out forms. Was told to get a 1x1 ID picture with signature beneath my face. ("But, but when I called, I was told that it wasn't needed!")

1:25PM. Drove to Don Antonio. Went to a Kodak Express and got the required ID photo.

2:15PM. Back at CSC. Presented filled up form, my drivers license and my ID photo.

2:30PM. Got a receipt and was instructed to go to their basement to their records section to get the certificate. Was assured that certificate will be released in less than an hour.

2:35PM. Queued behind a lady at the records releasing section window.

2:40PM. My turn. Was told that I needed another ID apart from my license.

2:43PM. I checked the list of IDs that they accepted, and the only one I had was the driver's license. I don't have an SSS ID with picture (because they didn't issue me one); nor a GSIS ID (because I'm not a member); nor a voter's ID (because of that messy computerized election fraud) nor an NBI/police clearance (because there wasn't a need for me to get one); nor a passport (because it's at my parent's house); nor a school ID (because the last time I enrolled was three years ago); nor a company ID (I have not been formally employed for the past year!).

2:48PM. I tried to explain to the civil servant at the records releasing section window. He told me (as if I was a retard) that I need to get an NBI clearance or a police clearance just so I can get an ID.

2:50PM. Still asking for some consideration that my driver's license is a valid ID issued by another government agency, and that it is, at the moment, an infallible piece that can identify and attest that I am indeed... well, me. My ID was issued by the government. Everyone else accepts it, why can't they? And excuse me? They're requiring a company ID? Anyone, with today's technology, can just manufacture a company ID out of thin air. If ever, they should require a secondary ID if all they're presenting are company or school IDs, because these are things that can easily be falsified. But a driver's license???? They doubt it's integrity?

2:52PM. BULLSHIT. Ran out of patience with their ridiculous rule. Left the records releasing section.

2:56PM. Went back up to their action center. And asked for consideration.

3:00PM. Listened patiently. But they're not budging.

3:02PM. Asked for a refund of the fees I paid. If I just lost about five hours of my life with your stupid bureaucracy, I'm giving you a tiny sliver of aggravation by doing paper work on a canceled receipt and a refund.

3:05PM. Left CSC.

3:40PM. Back home. Stressed out.

On a semi-related incident, I know of someone, who worked overseas for a long time, and whose only valid ID acceptable in this country is the passport. Said friend went to the bank to open an account, and was told to come up with another ID. Friend asked bank officer what were the requirements for a foreigner to open an account at their bank. Bank officer said that they just need the passport. So why ask for two ID's from a Filipino? Friend wasn't able to open a bank account.

If there's any small thing that will sink this country, it's the two ID requirement.


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