26 February 2007

Spot the Difference.

The photo she took.

The photo he took.

Can you spot the difference?

Photo credit: Nards & Aggie

Photos of Kala were taken in Sariaya, Quezon while the group, together with other Rock Ed volunteers, was en route to Manila from Naga.

21 February 2007

Who Would've Guessed

You'd think that with this look of concentration

he's doing this

when, in fact, he is doing this

(going loco over loco roco)

16 February 2007

Kitchen Experiments

Yesterday, after work, Nards and I went to Chocolate Lovers at P. Tuazon to buy a few baking supplies and ingredients for chocolate chip cookies. What we couldn't find there (i.e. unsalted butter) we bought at a grocery nearby. These are the results.

I also made Potato Gratin for dinner. (Thanks for the recipe, Gabby! You'd be proud to know that with the spices, I played it by ear like you said. By the way, we had chicken instead of fish.)

14 February 2007

Il Postino

In honor of Zach&Joey in the Morning, and Valentine's Day.

Pablo Neruda's Poetry

13 February 2007

Busy Day

It was a very busy day today. Ran so many errands. Finally got most of the things on my list out of the way. Good thing the weather, although showing hints of the summer heat, was cooperative. It was relatively cool and breezy the whole day, except around noon time. Mental note: on errand day make sure to bring the ff: extra shirt, cooler with lots of cold drinks, books, and psp (or whatever toy you've got).

One of the things I needed to do today was to get clearance for transfer of ownership of the new toy. I called a friend of mine from the PNP, and she told us to go to Crame to get the necessary clearance. (I miss going to Crame. Going around the camp, I recall parties at friends' and relatives' who were and still are residing inside Crame.)

So, I went there. The whole purpose of the clearance was to make sure the vehicle wasn't stolen or acquired through illegal means. The steps were fairly simple, just pay the fee, get the vehicle stenciled, go through inspection and then they issue the clearance, three working days later. What unnerved me was the curiousity that the new toy sparked among the public servants. One of them even went up to my window just as I was about to start the engine, peeked at the backseat, and asked how many passengers I can take. Fergus McEttrick just laughed at my discomfiture.

It's been a long day. Last few things to do: take a shower, drink a glass of wine, have dinner and sleep.

12 February 2007

Yoga Class

cat yoga

I attended a yoga class yesterday. RJ (Ledesma) taught a beginner's class on Ashtanga Yoga.

It's free and open to anyone. It's in San Lorenzo Village every sunday. If you want to attend, email me and I'll send you the details.

It's a very small class, we were a total of 5 students. On the hour and a half session, I learned the following things:

  1. I need to breathe evenly;

  2. I'm not good at holding poses (no more than 5 breaths and I start wobbling);

  3. I'm not flexible (just couldn't plant my left palm on the right side of my left foot - toes and fingers parallel - while bending down at the waist, keeping my back straight);

  4. I need to concentrate on my breathing to hold the pose for at least two breaths;

  5. I cannot float an inch above the ground.

10 February 2007

Gabby's 18th

It's Gabby's birthday today. WAHOOOO!!!

She turned 18.

She was glowing. :)

There was a party at her house: buffet and open bar.

There were coffee tables surrounded by cushions.

I had rhum coke, tequila sunrise, margarita and a blowjob (cool flaming cocktail. I was asking the bartender if I needed to sign a waiver.)

Nice warm and buzzed feeling. Nicer to lie down on the cushions underneath the starry sky, with Johnoy singing Crash Into Me.

Nards had chocolate cake. (Everybody cheered.)

Candles all over the garden.

Gabby's friends saluting her on her birthday.

There was a spectacular display of photos that Gabby took.

Kakoy and Johnoy took the party to different levels when they started jamming.

Gang sang Hand in My Pocket! (YEY!!!!) She also sang Cross My Heart. (Double YEY!!!)

Mike Grape (of Kala) arrived. He's asking when we could play wifi games on the PSP. (Noiiiii!)

Jose Rizal (Joel Torre) and his dad (Ronnie Lazaro) arrived and evened the count.

Leslie was consistently asked when she was going home.

There was an incident in the corner that put Luneta to shame.

Mike and Pj finally admitted to Anna of their "relationship."

Max worked overtime that night and was used by all members of Team Lestat.

Clare was too shy to speak to someone.

We went home. But they all stayed and slept outdoors.

Happy Birthday Gab!! Welcome to adulthood!

09 February 2007

Memories of Highschool

Tonight, I missed high school. We were at Xavier for a Rock Ed event, and the minute we pulled up in the parking lot, my senses were assaulted of memories from Holy. The scene was all too familiar. The red booths on the field, the banners strewn all over the place, the girls and the boys walking together in packs, the classrooms with signs such as "cleanest room" or something, and the stern but comforting catholic feel to the place (I can't believe I miss that!). It was almost the same except our school had fairly bigger grounds, and there were nuns fleeting in and out of classrooms and casting us sharp admonishing looks when we became too rambunctious.

Orvin and I were talking in the holding area for artists (which is ironically right smack in the middle of the cloister for priests). We were recalling our high school days. We both came from an exclusive catholic school (mine from quezon city, his from mandaluyong.) and we were from the same batch. He, more or less, knew what I felt like tonight.


Click here.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter 7 is finally arriving. Although it's being released in July of this year (crap! 5 more agonizing months!), there is some comfort in the knowledge that it will be out on bookstores in approximately 140+ days. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait.

Here are some of the debunked rumors about this last volume of the HP series (courtesy of MuggleNet):

Before each Harry Potter book comes out, there are always people who will try to turn theories they've concocted into fact, or even those who will simply create rumors for the fun of it. Currently, there are a few about Book 7 and below you can find the ones which JKR has debunked.

Character Information

  • Dumbledore is really dead. He is not in hiding and is not coming back.
  • There will be no character named "Icicle," and JK said that she didn't recall saying there ever would be
  • Dumbledore is not Harry's relative
  • Harry is not related to Voldemort and he is not related to Salazar Slytherin
  • Lily Potter is not alive
  • Lily was not a Death Eater
  • Crookshanks is not an Animagus
  • Neville is not the son of Peter Pettigrew
  • Remus Lupin does not have a twin brother
  • Petunia is not a Squib
  • Dumbledore is not Harry/Ron from the future
  • Mrs Norris/Crookshanks will not be discovered as an Animagus

Plot Information

  • Harry will not become Minister for Magic
  • Peter Pettigrew?s silver hand will not kill Lupin
  • Lupin will not return as a DADA professor
  • The prophecy refers to Harry, and not in any way to Neville
  • The final part of the prophecy does not mean Harry has to kill Neville, or vice versa


  • The title of the book will not be "Harry Potter and the Pyramids of Furmat"
  • No prequel books are planned (no books before Harry's time at Hogwarts)
  • "Keeper of the Keys" has no secret meaning
  • The Sorting Hat is not a horcrux


How can anyone not love their music? It's manila sound!

Their rendition of Rock Baby Rock.

Mabuhay si Shaider!
(which reminds me, JP where did you get the Bioman shirt?)

Growing Up

Bravo Daniel Radcliffe!

I'd hate to see you typecast as Harry Potter for the rest of your acting life. (Think Mark Hamill on Luke Skywalker.)

Although, this may be a bit difficult to swallow for fans who have permanently labeled you as Harry.

photo source: broadwayworld

08 February 2007

Bubble Wrap

Why do most people develop a particular compulsion when they get their hands on bubble wrap?

To the point, that certain individuals created this game.

Sigh. It's just not the same as the real thing.

05 February 2007


There are two games on the PSP that I'm absolutely addicted to: Sims2 and LocoRoco.

Haaaayyyy. One word. Puyat.

02 February 2007


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