07 December 2013

Cold Mornings and White Russian Cupcakes

It's a cold Saturday morning as I am writing this long overdue post (that I've been promising myself to write way back in February of this year).  The sun is streaming through the balcony doors and Nards is swaddled in a blanket on the sofabed, not only because of the cold, but because of a sore throat that has been bugging him since Wednesday this week.

I've been trying to get back to blogging for most of this year, and it takes me almost eight months to get over my block.

Not much to update except that I've been spending more time in the kitchen, baking, than taking photos these days.   In fact, the only way I take photos lately is through my phone, and the only social media I've been updating is instagram and twitter.  I have missed holding a camera, and experimenting with Nards on different light set ups.  Next year, hopefully, I can achieve more balance between baking and taking photos.

Speaking of baking, my latest project is making boozy cupcakes.  My sister recently celebrated her birthday and I baked white russian cupcakes.  (She originally wanted to have margarita cupcakes, but I was averse to investing a lot of money on a good bottle of tequila just for the 1/4 cup I need for the batter.  And I am more averse to buying cheap booze because they mostly taste like battery acid.  Since we had vodka and Kahlua on hand, this was a convenient substitute to what she wanted.)

This cupcake was not overly sweet and the alcohol content was just right, not overpowering nor underwhelming.  It was such a hit with the girls at the party that we've decided to add it to our menu.

Next baking project: caramel cake.  Will post it as soon as it's done.

25 February 2013

Revive This Blog. STAT.

I am hoping that I've come to the end of this blog's hiatus.  I have lost my inspiration to write for quite a while.  But after devouring a lot of reading material lately, I may have gotten a bit of my drive to fill this blank space with, at the very least, a few coherent words.

My block had gotten so bad, I can't even be inspired enough to fill a 140 character space on twitter.

I'm giving myself a deadline.  I should at least have a decent entry before the month's end.   And I do hope that will propel me to adding more entries.

Hope to see you all back here on the 28th. :)


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