17 December 2006

Duct Tape

I'm a 100% klutz. I mananged to slice my finger. Don't ask how it happened. I don't want to bore you with the details. (Besides, it being totally embarrassing.) It came at an inopportune time when I had to launder. I couldn't get it wet because it stung so bad it felt like it was on fire.

Nards, of course, ever the reliable and resourceful one, found a way: duct tape. And true to form, after he covered it with duct tape, he had to take a picture.

I had to take a picture of him as well. It's not as good though. =P

Nards said that there are two essential elements in the universe: duct tape and WD40. Everything else is just an add-on. THere are two kinds of problems -- Problem 1: something that shouldn't move but is moving, Solution: duct tape. Problem 2: something that should move and is not moving, Solution: WD40.

Sometimes, I think Nards is the country's very own McGyver.

Photo credit: Nards & Aggie

09 December 2006

Father and Daughter (2000)

A beautiful Dutch animated short film from Michael Dudok de Wit.

Thanks JD for sharing this with me.

06 December 2006

In Bad Taste

When has it been acceptable in any etiquette book to ask for money as wedding gifts? I was wondering if some bridal planner or etiquette writer has deemed this in good form. So I googled it.

Is it appropriate to give money? Absolutely, if that?s your preference. What?s not appropriate is asking for a gift of money. This is considered very bad wedding gift etiquette. While gifts of any kind are a must for those attending the wedding, it is never acceptable for the happy couple to request money over other types of gifts.
[Click here for source]

My other question is that if one can afford to get married in a church in an exclusive community, and hold one's reception at a very expensive five star hotel, and was able to buy a house and furnish it, why is there a need to ask for "enveloped gifts" in lieu of traditional gifts? Guests are expected to give wedding presents, but to specifically state what you want, particularly money, some (me! me! me!) may be offended. I rather like what friends of mine did. They said, since they have everything they need, instead of giving them a gift for their wedding, they gave the guests the option to donate to their favorite charity.

Envelopes are too expensive. Unless, one can send an envelope containing a card saying, congratulations.



A Human Rights Day gathering of Rock Ed


December 10, 2006



8 MRT Stations/8 Simultaneous Performances.

Taft, Ayala, Buendia, Boni, Shaw, Cubao,

Quezon Ave, North Edsa.

A gathering for Human Rights. Featuring

Chicosci, Dicta License, Sago, Kala,

Paramita, Giniling Festival, Blazing

Bulalakaws, Hardboiled Eggz, Nitya Lila,

AFFINITY, Southern Grass, etc. and many

more. Spoken Word, Story telling,

Rhythm and Movement.

And Rock Ed volunteer, hindi na manhid.

Imbitado ka.

Sama na.


text by: Sexy Leslie

29 November 2006

Register to Vote

For those of legal age and havent registered in COMELEC, for those who just turned 18, and those who will be 18 on the day of the elections: PLEASE REGISTER!

It is bad enough for people to think that their votes dont count. Imagine if a million people think that, that's a million voices unheard, a million heads uncounted, a million votes that could have made a difference.
As cliche as it sounds, your vote does count. Dont be disenfranchised. Dont just sit and then complain when things go wrong. Register. Vote and vote intelligently.

Basic Regi info can be seen in

27 November 2006

Sick and Tired

I wish I was back in bed, bundled in my comforter with an endless supply of kleenex and water. It's very hard to be sporting a temperature accompanied by coughs and colds in a very cold office. Already my desk looks like it has been attacked a medicine cabinet: a box of kleenex, bottles of pills, a huge bottle of water, a bottle of alcohol and a trash receptacle overflowing with used tissue. I also look like a complete moron with a puffy face, red dripping nose, and dried lips. Everyone else is enjoying the aircon, while I have to wrap myself in a bulky sweater.

I hate being sick. And I'm just so lucky to be very sickly. I'm almost always sick with something. A slight change of temperature triggers my allergies. I inhale the thinnest whisp of cigarette smoke and my chest tightens, my heart races and I'm overcome with coughs. A few drops of rain and I'm in bed with fever and flu. It's ridiculous!! And I envy people who can run around with the elements and come out unscathed. No matter if I eat healthy, pump my body with vitamins and supplements, and exercise regularly.

I'm so pissed off.

11 October 2006


Join the rest of the world on October 15 - 16, 2006...
Labanan ang Kahirapan. Tuparin ang Millennium Development Goals.
(Stand Up Against Poverty, Stand Up for the Millennium Development Goals)

On the two days prior to the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (Oct 17), people from all around our planet will rise as one in a GLOBAL BAYANIHAN effort to tell the world's leaders to keep the promises made in 2000 to make lives better and cut poverty in half by 2015.
Join 6 billion other voices speaking as one to MAKE POVERTY HISTORY! Join the TUMAYO TAYO PILIPINAS campaign and be one with our brothers & sisters across the globe in an advocacy effort to set an official Guinness World Record for the most number of people ever to Stand Up against poverty!
Within a 24-hour period, people from all over the globe will physically and symbolically "STAND UP" to raise awareness of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and to publicly demonstrate to policy makers the growing global support for the achievement of the MDGs and for the strengthening of development policies worldwide.
Participate by organizing your own Tumayo Tayo event within the allotted timeframe - 6pm of Oct 15 to 6pm of Oct 16, Philippine Time. Register your event at the website, Other contact details are indicated in the attached documents.
You may also opt to have yourself counted at the Tumayo Tayo Festival at the Marikina Freedom park; or any Tumayo Tayo event already registered at the website. Text your individual participation to 2948 (Globe, Sun, Touch Mobile) or 3940 (Smart, Talk & Text, Addict Mobile) using the keywords MDG REG
The Tumayo Tayo Festival will have a Rock Concert organized by Rock Ed on October 15, Sunday, from 4pm to 9pm, featuring:
Juan Pablo Dream
Up Dharma Down
Radioactive Sago Project
Monster Bot
Giniling Festival
Brown Man Revival
Protein Shake
Calla Lily
October 16 , Monday, at the Tumayo Tayo Festival features an MDG Fair from 6am to 6pm, with launchings and exhibitions of MDG knowledge products, artworks, performance arts, film showings, etc; and with performances by Cynthia Alexander, Bayang Barrios, Bungkos Palay, and other artists.

For more information, visit or email You may also text MDG to 2948 (Globe, Sun, Touch Mobile) or 3940 (Smart, Talk & Text, Addict Mobile) for information, MDG updates and mobile content keywords.

"TUMAYO TAYO PILIPINAS! Labanan ang kahirapan. Tuparin ang Millennium Development Goals."

11 August 2006

The Ronnies

It was Rock Ed's Book Drive Launch at Saguijo Bar last tuesday, 8 August 2006. There were four bands: MonsterBot, Chilitees, Outerhope and The Ronnies. I was outside most of the time, manning the Rock Ed table with the other volunteers for most of the night, stepping inside ocassionally to give moral support to Cat and Joey who were hosting. We lost track of time and the bands, until I heard Ene's (did I spell your name right?) voice. I sprinted inside just in time to hear her sing Ugly Girl. (Yey!! Thanks Cindy for accommodating my pangungulit!)

How can I not love The Ronnies? They do terrific covers and they put a little umph in what used to be ordinary songs. I wasn't able to watch them much during the One Rock Ed Nation event at eastwood; but when Team Lestat had its celebration party at Conspiracy, I had a great time listening to them and watching them perform. Everybody did. :)

Photo credit: Leonardo Coll, Carlo Sanchez


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