22 October 2009

Guilty Pleasure of the (Past Two) Months: Tutti Frutti

I tried all sorts of yogurt places looking for the perfect one.  I tried Fro-Yo, FYI, Yogurbud, Red Mango, but not one of them could compare to Tutti Frutti.

The only outlet they have is on the fourth floor of the Megamall Atrium.

Price is not bad, considering what you get.

Step One: Choose the size of the cup.

Step Two: Pick your flavor.  You can stick to one, or make a combination. 
My favorite is almond and the original tart one. 
(In my opinion, everything tastes better with Almond.)

Step Three: Fill 'er up.

Step Four: Pick your toppings.  (The toppings vary depending on what's available.)
I normally would go with caramel syrup and almonds or walnuts.

Step Five: Have it weighed.

Step Six: Attack!

Trivia: one visit to Tutti Frutti, a couple of weeks ago, I showed my yogurt filled cup to Nards and asked him how much does he think it weighs.  He looked at it and said, "eleven ounces."  After putting it on the scale, the digital display said 10.96 oz. 

I laughed when I saw it, and all he said, "I'm getting a bit rusty."
"Rusty?"  I laughed some more.  "You should be in a circus!"

Trivia aside, Tutti Frutti is a definite must! 

Right, Mamee Sheila?  Kelan tayo punta?

15 October 2009


With all the deaths and losses that a lot of our brothers and sisters have experienced because of the two recent typhoons, I'm unable to blog. 

I don't have words to describe the devastation that Ondoy and Pepeng brought to our country, nor do I have words to write about other people's sufferings.  And going back to normal particularly blogging about the mundane seem to be gravely insensitive.

For the past couple of weeks, Nards and I have been helping our friends who've been badly hit by the flash floods, and praying for those we cannot help and for those that did not survive.

I hope you're all doing well, and God keep you safe at all times.


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