04 November 2010

Paalam Bahay ng Bagong Bato

I am saying goodbye to my favorite radio station.   It is was my constant companion while growing up: all the way from sixth grade, when they first aired, when my Mom got me this sleek radio/walkman.

My siblings and I have a lot of fantastic bonding moments because of NU.

I gained friends because of NU:JD, Gli, Theta, Neil, Dev, Rain and the other guys from the z&j egroup.

Also worked with NU peeps, who are our co-volunteers in Rock Ed: Isabelle, Francis and Andie.

Goodbye NU.   I will miss you.

it’s time to come clean, everyone. after 23 years, NU107 is finally closing shop. we’re sorry it took so long for us to confirm this. we were hoping for a miracle,i guess.
so just hear this and then we’ll go. you gave us more to live for, more than you’ll ever know. :)

P.S.  They're also the reason why I'm such a snob and have developed this aversion to bullcrap music that they call pop but is not actually pop.


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