26 September 2011

HitRECollections from HitRECord

As an amateur artist, I really appreciate what HitRECord is doing for me.  Though I am not as active as Nards, I value this collaborative avenue that Joseph Gordon Levitt has provided ordinary people with vision and creative juice.

I've been itching to get the Tiny Book of Tiny Stories for the longest time but have been hesitant mainly because of shipping charges from the US to Manila. But when HitRECollections came out, my sister just HAD to get it.  So I also ordered the Tiny Book for combined shipping.

My Tiny Book of Tiny Stories with our tiny girls.  Each of our purchase came with a free HitRECord button :)

HitRECollection comes with a book, a CD, a DVD and if you pre-ordered, a vinyl copy with two songs from the collection.  

My happy happy sister. :)

05 September 2011

Macaron Workshop

I can now honestly say that I can make parisian macarons.

Last Friday, my sister and I attended a macaron workshop.  Together with about twenty other students, we took turns making almond flour, whipping up egg whites and sugar.  We also divided into small groups and made different kinds of buttercreams for our macaron filling.

My sister made lemon macarons filled with lemon buttercream.   She had a ball piping them on the cookie sheet.

Mine were filled with mocha filling flavored with Kahlua and coffee.   See the feet?  I was so delighted when I peered in the oven and saw them peek out from under the shells.

Our class had enormous fun in the workshop.  We swapped macarons before we went home.  

This weekend, I'm making another batch.  I'm thinking of using Calamansi curd.


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