30 January 2007

Naga RockEd!

There are a gazillion other photos. Click here to see them.

Photo credit: Nards & Aggie

25 January 2007


Rock Ed invites you to join us for Rockerpark!!!

A drive for PE equipment for public schools.

29 January 2007, 6PM
Eastwood Central Plaza

Playing are members of : DICTALICENSE, sandwich, CHICOSCI, bagestafonik, PEDICAB, paramita, UPDHARMADOWN, radioactive sago project, SEVERO, session road, MAYONNAISE, soapdish, GREYHOUNDS, keso

Live music performances during halftime.

19 January 2007

Operating Room

And so they it was that they walked with their arms around each other's shoulder after Beng's operation last 12 January 2007.

They removed two lumps from her left breast. One was slightly larger than a quail egg. The other was not detected in the preliminary test and was only seen in the middle of the procedure. That's why the half hour stretched to nearly an hour and forty-five minutes. I was getting worried in the waiting room of the OR. I was already starting to imagine the worst. I was alone there; my parents attended mass in the hospital chapel; Leslie got lost in the complicated hallways and Gang was still on her way. I paced and I paced and I paced. They finally came out, my sister looking disoriented and trying to smile away the discomfort. The doctor was grinning like he won the lottery because he got two lumps instead of one. I was just relieved to see her.

Later we had lunch at Chataeu Verde to kick start Beng's recovery. It was our anniversary too. The last time the four of us got down to lunch there was a year before, for Leslie's birthday.

We got the results of the biopsy. BENIGN. Thank God.

Please please please. Give yourself a breast exam. If you don't know how, click here for detailed instructions.

17 January 2007

My Knee After Falling Down The Stairs

This is just one of the bruises I'm sporting (right leg, just beneath the knee.) Yellow center that's awfully tender, varied hues of purple, green and blue on its perimeter.

Why is it the first thing people do (my friends to be exact) is to poke it?!? As if seeking proof that it is an honest-to-goodness bruise? Like I would grab a marker and make colorful doodles on my knee just for the heck of it.

10 January 2007

Falling Down The Stairs

I don't know.

That's what I always say when I'm asked how the heck did I manage to fall half way down a flight of stairs. As far as I remember, I was talking to Gang and Pepe. I hit the landing, and just as I was about to go down, my foot landed on air. The next thing I knew, my left ankle twisted, I was propelled downwards with both shins dribbling on the hard wooden steps, my face seeing the junction of the iron railing and the steps very very close. My left hand blindly gripped the railing and held on for dear life. Everything was quiet and I was devoid of thought.

The first thing I heard was Gang saying "Ags, Ags, Ags... I'll go get Nards." Then I heard Paolo asking me loudly, what hurt the most. I told him my shins and it was too painful to move my left ankle. With Paolo on my left and Pepe on my right, they both hauled me up six steps and on to the landing above. There was noise all around me but I couldnt' understand any of it because I was too aware of the pain jabbing on my legs, ankles and feet. All I hear was Paolo repeatedly asking if I could move anything. I didn't even realize that he had removed my sandals. Then Nards came, and he examined my ankles and my legs. Then he lifted me on his back and carried me the remaining five flights to the ground floor. Beng parked the car near the door and Nards carried me once more and placed me gently on the front passenger seat.

Two days later, when Leslie and I sat waiting for Beng outside the operating room, that's when I found out, how the others were surprised at what happened. They crowded around me on the landing and were all peppering me with questions.

And apparently they were laughing.

Hilarity at that moment was a foreign concept to me. (This is not to say that I wasn't uproariously laughing at my own clumsiness later on, when I was comfortably ensconced on my favorite blue chair with an ice pack on my ankle and both legs up.)

Oh well. I did say before I'm 100% klutz. Slicing fingers, falling down the stairs... the list goes on. Even my Mom says that she cannot fathom how someone of my age can be so clumsy.

The Irrepressible Mr. Bond

Source: xkcd

Funny how we seem to focus on the wrong things at the wrong time and belatedly realize that we have put importance on nonsensical things. As aptly illustrated here by Mr. Bond and the Man With The Hat.

09 January 2007

The Internet is For Porn

Nards and I are hooked on Chobits. He was searching for episodes on youtube. And he found this instead.

I like Avenue Q too. :)

05 January 2007


Define Irony: going to the photocopier at BIR, paying for a service, asking for a receipt and being told that they don't issue receipts.

03 January 2007

Sagada in December

Frigid weather. Rough bus trip.

With Nards. Enough said.

I loved it.

Photo credit: Nards & Aggie


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