22 August 2011

Sloppy Macarons from The Cookie Jar

A few minutes ago, I posted this comment on The Cookie Jar's Facebook page:

I bought three vouchers from ensogo. Taste-wise, your macarons were okay. But I felt shortchanged when I got my order. I felt they were dregs and rejects from orders from your other clients. In each dozen, 2 were somewhat collapsed, and 3 were mishandled when they got out of the oven. The sizes and shapes were irregular. They were totally different from the photos posted on the ensogo site, and by what I saw at Moonleaf. Is this because I got them at a discount? I was planning to give it as a gift, but I felt I would be disrespecting my friends by giving them sloppily made macarons. Likewise, I felt disrespected by what I received from you.
Here are all the photos I took of the macarons.

I honestly felt annoyed when I examined the macarons.  I'm a homebaker and I know a slew of homebakers.  We would never, ever disrespect a client by sending them something as sloppy as this. 


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